Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Market on the Island

I thought you might like to step inside The Market on the Island, now called CiCi's, though I'm fairly sure a name change won't stop locals from referring to it simply as "The Market".

The Market is still in the process of being re-stocked after being closed for a brief time when it changed management. The nice thing was when its doors reopened and we saw Mr. Jimmy standing there in his red apron; Roger with a big smile on his face.

Sandwiches, deviled eggs, salads, and wraps are available in the deli area. Sometimes they even have free taste samples. Who doesn't like them!

Fresh veggies are available for salads or side dishes. We frequently pick up their asparagus. Fruits are also available just across the aisle.

They have a generous selection of Zatarain's products, and staples from peanut butter to pancake mix to all the condiments are stocked.

Canned goods include salsas, sauces, relish, salad dressings, fruit and cobbler fillings.

There is an area where you can grind fresh coffee beans, and also a dairy section, frozen section, kitchen utensils, baby products, etc. You name it, they generally have something to cover your needs.

They have an amazing selection of steaks, hand-cut by Mr. Jimmy or Roger.

The Market has a selection of wine if you want a bottle to go with dinner.

Look! The Market even has a hardware section/wall!

Outdoor seating is available if you want to pick up a cold drink, a sandwich or some of their delicious beef brisket smoked on the premises, and sit outside to enjoy it.

You'll be overlooking the marina and can watch the charter boats or the birds in Little Sabine Bay.

The Market is a wonderful asset for Pensacola Beach. In bad weather, we don't have to drive across the bridge to the mainland if we run out of milk, bread, or butter. If we have guests drop by, we can scoot quickly to The Market for a couple of steaks to throw on the grill, a rotisserie chicken or any of their smoked meats; sides such as baked beans, green beans or macaroni and cheese; or some of their prepared salads (their Greek salad is my favorite).

Everyone is cutting back during these tough times and the friendly chatter which used to fill the store is another reason to visit The Market and catch up with what's going on while you stock up with a few items.

Please, stop in The Market on the Island and let Mr. Jimmy and Roger know you are one of their B.I.G. supporters!


PJ said...

I'm definitely stopping here on my next trip to the island, everything looks scrumptious.

PJ said...

Well, except for MAYBE the hardware.

Barrier Island Girl said...

That's great, PJ! We're really lucky to have a market like this on the island.