Saturday, December 20, 2008

In a fog

We've had fog every day for a week now. Sometimes it's not so bad...

and things just look a bit misty.

But then it starts rolling in again and condo towers along the beach start disappearing. I'd take a photo of the house across the street to show you, but it's mostly hidden too! I'm ready for some sun!


Anonymous said...

I'll gladly trade our frigid temps and snow for your fog...

Barrier Island Girl said...

Oh dear, we're getting some of those lower temps ourselves this morning. It was 60 degrees around 7:00 a.m. and has dropped steadily ever since. It's currently down to 50 degrees, winds around 15 mph, gusting over 30. It's supposed to drop into freezing temps inland tonight. {{{shiver}}}

But the fog is clearing. ;-)


Anonymous said...

a beautiful,sunny, fog-free morning in Denver..
current temp 12 degrees with anticipated high of 22..
glorious for those who love being out in the cold..
but for me and mine...we'll enjoy the view..looking outside from within.. a picture perfect day for finishing those packages and sipping hot tea..

Jen and Eric said...

And we get the fog *and* the cold here! (At least this is Texas and it'll probably be 60 again in just a couple days!)