Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ornament making at the Hampton Inn

Please tell me you didn't forget about our ornament-making event at the Hampton Inn this morning! See what you missed!

Look at this adorable little mouse made from Pensacola Beach shells. I love it!

These are some of the ornaments the kids made this morning.

I got a big kick out of seeing the young kids so focused on their projects. I'm not sure they would have noticed the walls fall down around them...well, unless the Jonas Brothers walked into the room, of course.

It difficult to see the detail, but this young lady made a gorgeous Christmas ornament from a Lettered Olive, which is a shell we generally have in abundance on Pensacola Beach.

Can you tell how proud she is of the Christmas ornament she made. What a cutie!

Working away...

Now THESE are the kind of mice I can tolerate!

A box of ornaments from which the kids could choose a pattern for their own ornament.

Now that you see what you missed, be sure to look for this event next year and put it on your calendar! Our sincere appreciation for all the ladies (and gents) who made this lovely event possible.

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