Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pensacola Beach Lighted Boat Parade

Thankfully, the wind died down just a bit before the Lighted Boat Parade started last night, so I decided to head out and get a few photographs to share with you.

The Reel Easy is the lead boat which carries Santa to the pier.

I love the festive figures which were added to some of the boats. There were reindeer, Santa, stacks of presents, Frosty the Snowman, and even a Grinch on one boat!

A stack of beautiful presents open and close.

Hey look! There's sweet Nora waving at us! You can stop in and see Nora at The Break most evenings where she is a manager.

This is one 'Branch Office' I wouldn't mind working out of.

The boats are getting lined up and ready to pull away from Sabine Bay Marina.

Meanwhile, at the Pensacola Beach Marina, Aquatic Charters, which offers dolphin cruises, allowed folks who wanted to participate in the parade an opportunity to come along this year.

There's three of my amigas on the bow of the boat. From the right are: Shelley, Lila and Sandi, bundled under all those coats, scarves and caps.

Boats are speeding past as I race toward the bridge to try and photograph them as they proceed underneath.

Looping around, heading toward Quietwater.

Hmmmm...just no way for be to get a good shot, even with my tripod.

But they sure are pretty, especially with the lights reflecting on the water.

Okay, maybe I won't hike to the top of the bridge. This is a bit scary.

The boats finally start arriving at Quietwater Beach Pier.

Folks are already lining up to greet them and more await at the bandshell.

Time to judge the boats and see who will win the prizes. Be sure to check out the next issue of Island Times to see this year's winners.

Look! A blue marlin.

I just recently learned about Cuddle duds, but this is a little Cuddle Dude.

Gosh, Santa, you're looking younger every year.

Santa greets kids waiting for him at the pier.

Merry Christmas from Pensacola Beach!

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Anonymous said...

The coats were just for show right ?