Thursday, July 31, 2008

While nest-sitting

Some people wonder what you do while you're nest-sitting, thinking that perhaps you get bored!

Bored? Not me! I love everything about life on the beach. But in answer to the question, I...

People watch...

Photograph, then move their sandals to higher ground when they go on walks and the tide comes in...

Bird watch, and laugh at their unique arabesques...

Talk to the ranger and passers-by.

Pray that not too many people forget to close their shades at night and disorient our nesting turtles or hatchlings.

And after the sun goes down, I watch the sky and try to learn the constellations, count shooting stars, and get lost the rhythm of white caps as they sweep to shore.

No, life is never dull when you're nest-sitting!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

are the mosquitos and no-seeums bothersome after dark? they used to eat me up..even with wearing repellant!!
I usually fell asleep on the warm sunkissed sand, lulled by the symphony of the sea...
sure could use a bit of the cooling breeze right about now..
it is so hot and dry in denver..
i'm homesick!!!
lou in denver