Monday, July 14, 2008


While the Blue Angels were gearing up, another show began farther east on the island. This dark shape began swimming around our area. I finally snapped a quick photo as it broke the surface at one point.

One man diving under for shells thought there was seaweed in front of him and reached out to push it aside, only to make contact with the creature.

I didn't realize manatees venture into the Gulf of Mexico, but the swimming pattern/shape seemed to confirm what it was.

Of course it also was apparent by the man shouting, "It's a manatee. I touched a manatee! It's a #!@& manatee, man!"


Anonymous said...

Seems there are two manatee in the area. My husband saw one swimming around at the Santa Rosa Yacht Club a week or so ago, and friends reported seeing two further east down the Sound. I was suprised to hear they were in our area, but what a wonderful surprise!

Anonymous said...

thats really neat !!