Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bands on the Beach

What a fun night we had at Bands on the Beach as we listened to classic rock from The Dinosaurs! Fifteen month old Maddox was my little peep-eye, flirtin' buddy for the evening.

Cayden held on to her kite! Most of the time! What a little sweetheart.

And her adorable 'seven-going-on-seventeen' older sister, Charis, held on to...her phone! We may be looking at a future Miss Florida, what do you think?

Ahhh, look at this tiny Georgia peach. Twelve-week old Kennedy enjoyed her first Bands on the Beach. Her parents were married right here on the beach a year ago and the whole family is visiting from Carrollton, Georgia. I think The Dinosaurs are interrupting her nap.

The back row enjoyed the concert, but I see no toe-tappin' yet.

Hey, is that the group from R & R? Can you guys give me some tips to get me back on my scooter after a wipe-out? These guys were totally into the concert!

It's Wes, my next-door neighbor and the great gardener I've mentioned several times. I love running into friends at concerts. Wes was kickin' back with his beautiful wife, Elaine, and their friends Lance & Mellissa. I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors here on the beach.

Robert and Patty are always at Bands on the Beach. What a perfect couple. They're usually dancing or hugging, but always smiling, which is why they are so much fun to photograph! I think you've found your match, Robert!

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