Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Life is Good!

A note to all my blog visitors: as of today Barrier Island Girl photographs are now available at Tiki Jake's in Gulf Breeze, just a couple of doors down from the new Publix!

I had not expected an opportunity to place my work in Tiki Jake's, though I had been working for a while to get them in a store on the beach. This sudden turn of events was a wonderful surprise which came about in the last couple of days.

I'm especially proud to have my photographs associated with this great new shop which carries the Life is Good brand. I hope you'll take the time to check it out -- and my photos too while you're there!

A heart-felt thanks to all my blog visitors for encouraging me to make my photos available. Who would ever have guessed three short years ago that this magical little island would change me into a photographer. It reminds me of a quote I ran across a few days ago which said something along the lines of "the life you've led doesn't have to be the only life you'll lead."

Life is Good!


Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader of your blog and I LOVE IT!!
Pensacola Beach is my families home away from home(we live in Texas) and I have enjoyed viewing your amazing pictures of one of my favorite places!
I am very excited to hear that your work is now for sale!
My family and I will be visiting the middle of Aug. and we will forsure be stoppin into Tiki Jake's.
THANKS for taking me to the beach every morning! ;-)

HUGS from Texas,

Unknown said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Congratulations! I'll definitely be stopping in to Tiki Jakes to see your pictures.