Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Loggerhead hatchling release

I was thrilled when Kirsten (our Traveling Turtle Girl) invited me to see fifteen tiny Loggerhead hatchlings released into the Gulf of Mexico tonight. You may read more about the reason for the delay in their release on Kirsten's blog.

Look at their tiny flippers! And note the dark color variation between the hatchling on the upper left and the others.

If you click on the photo above, you can actually see the claws on its back flipper. Aren't they magnificent creatures?

He/she is ready to say goodbye to us for several years, but hopefully will return safely to Pensacola Beach someday.

Adorable little Zander is a fantastic public relations man for the "Turtle Friendly Beach Program"! He handed out brochures and switch stickers to the folks that gathered around, reminding us to turn out the lights for turtles. You tell 'em, Zander!

The first five hatchlings begin moving toward the water.

Look at the surf the little turtles (who weigh about one ounce) must get past tonight. Hurricane Dolly still has the Gulf of Mexico stirred up, though not as bad as last night. Godspeed to the tiny loggerhead hatchlings!

Please check out Traveling Turtle Girl's site for more info on our turtles, how to help them, and life within our area of the Gulf Islands National Park.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog! I want everyone to know "no camera flashes!" as well as "lights out" to save the sea turtles! Aren't they adorable? They eat jellyfish, so please make sure you don't leave trash on the beach that might choke the turtles and make them sick! Zander L.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thank you for all your wise words, Zander!

[Hmmmm..."And a child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6]


Barrier Island Girl said...

Oops, I meant "little child".

Annie Patterson said...

Hooray Hoorah for baby Loggerheads!Thanks for your photos!