Friday, August 01, 2008


The last few nights on Pensacola Beach have been beautiful. When the sun goes down and your night vision kicks in, you can imagine what it once was like before all the development started on the island. And, as I said earlier, I don't find the waiting process to be boring at all.

One of my blog readers who lived here several years ago asked if mosquitoes bothered us while we were nest-sitting. I can only answer from my own experience, but I had nary a nibble.

A steady breeze may have kept them away. Some of it may have been the direction of the breeze (from the south) during the time we were nest-sitting. Another contributing factor could be that we have had a comparatively dry season.

I am seeing quite a few 'snake doctors' (dragonflies) on the sound side of the island right now, so perhaps they are also keeping mosquitoes at bay so far this year.

Finally, since moving here as a full-time resident, I avoid perfume and other scented products which attract mosquitoes.

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