Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gracie & Zander - Rangers of tomorrow!

I have seen the future of the U.S. National Park Service! Two little helpers, Gracie and Zander, are surely destined to be USNPS Park Rangers.

Gracie Mims was so excited to be able to see and release the hatchlings.

Gracie's mom, Park Ranger Beckie Mims, shows Gracie how to carefully hold a hatchling as it is released.

Zander Litwin takes sea turtles very seriously and always makes sure people have literature on how to help save them. He's already been helping his mom, Park Ranger Rhonda Litwin, with the turtles for a long time and has become our number one public relations guy!

Gracie and Zander peer into the cooler in which the hatchlings were housed overnight, waiting to be released.

Gracie smooths sand over a footprint before the next hatchling is released.

Zander stands next to Park Ranger Kirsten Dahlen and checks on the tiny turtles.

Zander releases a Kemp's ridley.

Grace releases one, too.

They're so cute!

"I think we're done for the day."
"Yeah, saving the world can tire you out."

I don't you think they can wrap it up without us?


PJ said...

I hope you saw my comment on the previous post.
You have some fabulous shots of the beach and the sky and there's a little event every Friday called Sky Watch Friday:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pictures of the little people! Kirsten has done a remarkable job and with folks like you, helping to enlighten the public about sea turtles, our's is certainly a better world!
Ranger Beckie