Friday, August 22, 2008

Personal Weather Stations

For three years now, I've put a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station on my Christmas list. So far, Santa hasn't delivered. I'm envious of those residents who have Personal Weather Station sensors mounted on their roofs. Unfortunately I am unable to find where any of these lucky people have linked their PWS to either Weather Underground or a website.

The Pensacola Beach Elementary School has a personal weather station which can be found on WEAR-TV's weather net, but it is frequently out of commission and defaults to Gulf Breeze High School (and, inexplicably, to Germantown, Maryland at times).

If any of my blog visitors here on the island have a PWS (or know someone who does) and that information is available on the Internet, I would like to provide a link from my blog to your site, with your permission.

Here's hoping I'll get some good news from you. Or maybe Santa will step up this year and give me one of my own!


Anonymous said...

Dear Barrier Island Girl,

That Santa! Honestly, sometimes he can be such a sexist pig!

I have told him, and told him: "Honey, be sure to give that wonderful Barrier Island Girl the very best weather station the elves make, because nobody needs it more than that poor little thing stuck 'way out there on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico."

But does he listen? No! He thinks only men want such things. So, it's always jewelry and perfume and fancy underwear and such when you open that stocking of yours, isn't it, dear?

Tell you what. This year, I will personally see to it that Santa brings you a Davis Vantage Pro 2 -- or better. I know just the elf who can make one for you.

We girls have to stick together! Oh -- and good luck with Fay. I just know you're going to be all right!

-- Mrs. Claus

Barrier Island Girl said...

Ha! Thanks, Mrs. Claus! From your lips to Santa's ears, I say!

And yep, we'll wade right through this storm and make up every bit of that 7+ inches of rain deficit we have in the Pensacola area.

Thanks for the chuckles, Mrs. Claus!