Friday, September 11, 2009

Talking trash

Occasionally instead of a pretty picture I post a photo of the bad things I find on the beach. Today was pretty bad. The beach was littered with plastic bottles and cans. This site was the worst.

If you're interested in the count, there was:

1 section of blue pipe
1 pair of Faded Glory blue underwear (size 14/16)
1 pair of socks
1 carton of cigarettes
1 cigarette lighter
1 coffee cup
1 vodka bottle
2 soda cans
3 pair of goggles (various types)
12 beer cans
1 misc. piece of clothing/bag

If it's true what they say about karma, someone is in for a long stretch of bad luck. Unfortunately it may be their children and grandchildren that pay the price for trashing the environment.


Sharon said...

One of my pet peeves too. And I get upset when I see smokers using the beach as a giant ashtray. Sad...

Christie said...

I take a trash bag every time I walk. I was LOADED down about this time last year (we were walking on the road to Navarre before it opened). A park ranger stopped and offered to take what I'd collected and told us about a pod of dolphins coming our way (the largest he'd ever seen). We got back to the condo at Emerald Isle, fixed lunch and took it out to the balcony - just in time to see the dolphins - there must have been 20! I figured that was my good karma for picking up some trash. We are down for a long weekend now and even though the weather doesn't look great, I'm looking forward to some time on the balcony.