Monday, September 28, 2009

Lion in wait

So how would you like to be toolin' along in your Mule before sunrise and come across something lying in wait for you! Ha! What a surprise this magnificent lion on my patrol yesterday morning.

He was so awesome that I came back and took photos at the end of my patrol! I loved the use of seaweed for his mane.

Someone surely went to a lot of work on this sculpture.

One word of caution to my blog readers - as much as I love sand sculptures, sand pits like the one behind the lion are very dangerous to those who patrol the beach before sunrise. One of the reasons Parks have switched from the use of ATVs to Mules have been accidents (and even a death) from hitting a large sand pit in the dark and flipping the vehicle.

If you see a large sand pit as you are heading in from the beach at night, please take time to fill it in or remind others to fill it in before they leave. It can prevent a bad accident for those who patrol the beach in the dark.

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