Tuesday, September 29, 2009

East is blossoming!

"The east is blossoming! Yea, a rose,
Vast as the heavens, soft as a kiss,
Sweet as the presence of woman is,
Rises and reaches, and widens and grows

"Large and luminous up from the sea,
And out of the sea, as a blossoming tree,

"Richer and richer, so higher and higher,
Deeper and deeper it takes its hue;

"Brighter and brighter it reaches through
The space of heaven and the place of stars,

"Till all is as rich as a rose can be,
And my rose-leaves fall into billows of fire."

~~ Joaquin Miller (1841 - 1910) Sunrise in Venice

These are photos from Sunday's spectacular sunrise. At one point I stopped shooting the horizon and just pointed my camera up to the crimson clouds to capture the detail and color.


Pensacola Beach Blogger said...

Nice! I need to start getting up earlier!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a camera...what a photographer!!!!!
Kathy in MN

D said...

Amazing view. Nature putting on a show!

Joy said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing :0)

BaysideLife said...

I just love the 3rd photo of this series. Looks like a soft fluffy blanket suspended above the beach. Great photos.