Monday, September 07, 2009

Fly by

I've always wanted to capture a moment like this for my blog: Sometimes on patrol at the western tip of the island, dozens of birds of varying species will race along side me on the shore.

Gulls, pelicans, black skimmers, willets, herons, osprey and sanderlings are all plentiful near Ft. Pickens.

I'm still not sure how I managed this shot except that I was using a slow shutter speed just seconds before and then panned this heron as it flew past. It ended up with the heron looking almost transluscent like a watermark.


Jan said...

That last shot is outstanding.

Shellbelle said...

My favorite days in blogland are when I come across a blogger who obviously shares my love of the shore.

Your first photo is a shot I've tried to capture many times — tried being the operative word here.

The bath tub races look like so much fun, we have something similar here in the Tampa Bay area.

Enjoyed my visit and I will be back!

cizrein said...

They look like they were having so much fun..