Monday, September 07, 2009

Anything That Floats!

Bamboo Willie's Anything That Floats contest has become a Labor Day Weekend tradition on Pensacola Beach.

'Bathtubs' are provided for those who'd like to sign up for the event, if they are boat/float-less.

Or you can go all out and make your own floating vessel if you happen to be creative.

Then there are those that fall into a category of their own.

This year we saw a viking at the helm.

And their boat float fared well...

against a father/daughter team. Mom stood on the sidelines and cheered them on.

The Deadliest Catch crew was adorable and spirited!

Oops! They won the biggest splash award from the crowd who applauded their efforts. But the girls eventually righted themselves and finished the race.

The Hampton Inn vs. Smith Chiropractic! Snap and Pop paddled for the Snap-Crackle-Pop (chiropractic) team. If you enlarge the photo you will see the back of the boat says, "We ate Crackle."

The well-adjusted chiropractic team quickly pulled ahead. (Yuk, got all my awful puns, didn't you?)

Go, Jim, go! Jim Cox and Max Scroggin brought home a win for the Pensacola Beach Advocates.

Peg Leg Pete's team was focused.

The Women's Club and the Pensacola Beach Advocates' second team rounded the buoy and headed in.

The competitors (Lila, Sandi, Carol and Mary) declared they were all winners this afternoon.

Poor baby, just like all the contestants, he's all worn out after the afternoon of fun and music on the beach.

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