Wednesday, September 09, 2009


When I look at a ghost crab, I see how people began using the word 'crabby' for a grouchy or ill-tempered person. Just look at the frown!

I seeeeeee you. My new blog readers may not know that ghost crabs have 360 degree vision.

They are not one of my beloved beach creatures since they will burrow into a sea turtle's nest and feed on the hatchlings. It's an endless task to dig them out and fill in their holes around a nest--my least favorite part of patroling.

To learn more about ghost crabs, you may click HERE.


Jen and Eric said...

What big eyes he has...!

And in addition to getting a new sense for the word "crabby"... I am also getting a new sense of the word "ghost" -- is that his body or a clump of sand behind him?

cizrein said...

He looks very grumpy.. i wish ghost crabs could smile........