Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sea oats in July

Spikelets of the sea oats gleam as they catch the first rays of sun this morning and sway in a steady breeze off the Gulf of Mexico.


Stephanie said...

Love the sea oats! I'll be there soon to see them myself!

BaysideLife said...

Don't you love the sea oats when they catch the light of the sun. Went to Ft. Pickens the other day and must have taken 20 pictures of them in the late afternoon sun. Great picture.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Claire, so glad you had a chance to go out to Ft. Pickens. It is indeed beautiful! When I round the tip of the island at FP on my patrol, it is generally around 6:45a.m. since we've switched up the route from earlier in the year. The dunes are several feet above me at that point, so the morning sun is filtering through them. It will only get prettier as the oats mature and turn a deep burnished gold in late August and September. {{{sigh}}}

Stephanie, I hope you have a chance to drive out to Ft. Pickens as well while you're here.