Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Discovering Gautier

An unusal post for me, but I discovered something special tonight that really excited me. For several years I have had a blog follower from Gautier, Mississippi and at last I know who it is -- sorta!

Bloggers know few statistics other than a visitor's internet provider (a number or AOL, Verizon, Bellsouth, etc.), location (city/state of internet provider) and the amount of time they spend on the blog. My follower from from Gautier (pronounced go-shay) has been faithful for so long that I almost worry when they aren't there when I check my daily stats!

So, Sylvia from Gautier, Mississippi, I am very happy to meet you! I discovered who you are tonight during a Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event. Your friend, Lee McLaughlin, said "My friend from Gautier starts her day with a cup of coffee and your blog."

"Gautier? My every-day Gautier!!!!??"

Lee wants you here for a girls' weekend and I have told her I have to meet you when you make the trip! Anyone who follows Pensacola Beach as closely as you should not be visiting here! Girl, you should LIVE here!

Go Gautier!!!! I can't wait to tell you -- in person -- how wonderful it has been to have you as a blog follower!

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Sylvia from Gautier said...

OMG! Lee is correct about my daily fix of coffee and Barrier Island Girl!! Follow you everyday!
LOVE your photo's, quotes, daily posts.

My sister (former resident of Pensacola area) got me hooked several years ago. We've both said we'd love to run into you, during a sunrise or sunset shoot, so now we'll make a point of it!!
Keep up the great work, we love it!