Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresh peaches

Note to locals: Joe Patti's Seafood Company recently set up a tent on their north lawn where they are selling produce such as tomatoes, plums and peaches. Today my husband brought home some of their fresh Georgia peaches and Alabama tomatoes. I haven't tried the tomatoes yes, but the peaches have a wonderful flavor and are not a stubborn 'cling' variety such as those I bought somewhere else recently.

Now if only I had an ice cream maker...


Jen and Eric said...

Oh those look so good! :)

Barrier Island Girl said...

Ah that a craving???? :-)
I hope you and the wee Holt are doing well.

And congrats to Eric! Do we have to call him Dr. Eric now?


Jen and Eric said...

Thanks for the congrats! Eric is thoroughly enjoying being done with the studies!

As for the Wee Holt, the latest from the doc is that he's doing fabulous! He's actually two ounces above "average weight" already... a lot, from what I understand, for this point in the pregnancy. I think he's going to take after his Dad! Let's just hope Eric's brain for math comes along with that... :)