Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bands on the Beach

July 21, 2009

It was perfect weather for Bands on the Beach. Beach balls in the air everywhere, if you look close! We had a light breeze and lower humidity.

The crowds are growing and with the featured Reunion Band, a fan favorite, it was even larger!

Hmmmm... caught this local bigwig in the sunlight/spotlight, didn't I? Sorry for the bad lighting, Buck, but nice to see you out enjoying Bands with us as usual.

Making memories. Everyone is happy and good energy abounds.

Jeff Goudey enjoying Bands, along with his special lady...

Paulette Provost. She's da Queen, otherwise known as First Mate of the Krewe of Wrecks this year! I enjoy photographing Paulette. She always has a huge smile for me.

And I love this photo - so sweet and carefree. I hope they remember summer evenings and dancing on the beach when they are all grown up with children of their own.

Dick Bedics and his wife, Bonnie, spend most of the evening together on the dance floor. But you can frequently see him helping out as a culinary assistant at some of Distinctive Kitchens' cooking classes at their location in downtown Pensacola. You may check out the DK cooking class schedule by clicking HERE.

Meet another special lady - Mary Lou Long from Missouri! She's head of the happy, energetic Froot Loop gang - comprised mostly of mothers, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters - who have been coming here every summer for years. Mary Lou and I have corresponded for probably three years now! This year her adorable 8-month old granddaughter, Lilly, made her first trip to the beach.

The Froot Loops tee shirt from last year's annual vacation to Pensacola. These ladies go all out.

And these young ladies - Madison, Hannah and Joey - are Froot Loops in Training! They have a great time at the beach. In fact, the whole family love Pensacola Beach so much that they are thinking about coming back for Thanksgiving this year!

Sadly, I missed a photo of my little turtle girl of the group, Isabel. I'm thinking she may turn out to be a marine biologist someday.

See ya in a few months, girls! I think you'll find our temps much nicer than Missouri's in November!

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