Sunday, September 28, 2008


I went back into Pensacola this afternoon with a friend to catch more Splash Dogs! The event was so much fun. I'm hopeful that everyone will get behind it so that we'll see more of them in years to come.

I've got many photos to share, but this little fellow needs a post of his own. He's adorable! I call him 'WonderDog'! If anyone recognizes him, I'd be happy to forward copies of these to his parents...I mean, owners.

WonderDog makes a run toward the end of the platform.

Obviously I was not expecting such a huge leap from such a small dog, but I had to show you the spirit in this little fella!

Chasing the ball!


Wow, here he goes again. I halfway admire that he can get his legs in that position...and halfway freaked out that he looks part kangaroo!

WonderDog!? I should have called him SuperDog! Look at 'im fly!

Nose up, landing gear down.

Look at that adorable face.

Splash Dogs was AWESOME!


Unknown said...

A dogs life is good! ... especially when swimming or when riding in a car half way out the window. It doesn't get any better than getting lost in that moment.

Anonymous said...

That dog has the heart of a Great Dane. Wonder if anyone told him he's a bit tiny. I hope he doesn't listen. :-)