Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Having a ball!

"Shake off the sleep, grab my favorite cup
I'm wide awake when the sun comes up.
The mornin' light shares a secret with me
And it's one that's just too good to keep.

"Pick up your worries, take 'em out with the trash
Make a friend, share a few laughs.
Roll as easy as a rockin' chair.
Tell your baby just how much you care.

"Oh yeah, no static at all.
Let's dance, I'm having a ball!
It's so clear, I hear the whole world sing
Life is a beautiful thing

"I feel better than a new hair-do,
Getting a raise, buyin' a new pair of shoes.
Nothing heavy, I go with the breeze
It's all good wherever it leads.

"Gettin' whistles, turnin' heads,
Smilin' back, turnin' red,
Every day is like a day at the beach
And every night I feel the sweetest dreams..."

~~ Amanda Wilkinson, "Life is a Beautiful Thing"

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