Friday, September 12, 2008

High water marks

The empty lot next to this home turned into a conduit for waves which washed over from the gulf.

This house was very near the nest and you can see why we were so concerned about some of the hatchlings washing back to the road.

The walkway across from my house turned into a little Venice.

A home in Sugar Bowl is effected by rising water. What you may not know is that we have not had any rain from the storm. All the flooding is a result of extremely high waves, winds and tides.

Townhouses on the east end of the island are also subjected to flooding from the sound.


PJ said...

I was out on the beach today and could see that Ike was pushing lots of water. I photographed the beach, soundside, and the Visitor's Center at 17th Ave. and posted some of those. I have a friend who I'm sure is flooded, again, and seeing your photos reminded me to check on her tomorrow. It's a big windy storm.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful place to live, but I couldn't cope with the water coming in my house like this!