Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three Amigas

Three amigas - Sandi, Lila and I - decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather and take a long walk past the barricade on Ft. Pickens Road.

I love patterns created by wind across the sand.

There were several egrets out this morning, keeping just ahead of us when we strolled along the water's edge.

Pools of water still stand in areas from the wash-over during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Large ghost crabs were everywhere we looked.

Even in the surf.

Be sure to click on the photos so you can see their funny eyes which have 360 degree vision.

The water was beautiful today, but the old road which was washed into the Gulf several years ago is always a sad reminder of a hurricane's strength.
You could almost see through this egret's wings with the sun shining through its feathers.

Off he flies, surf splashing in the background. What a lovely day for a walk.

[Note: Check out this great video clip of a ghost crab from the South Florida Watershed Journal blog. My appreciation to Robert Sobczakis, a National Park Service hydrologist with Big Cypress National Preserve.]


Jeevita said...

Oh my! Gorgeous photos!

Unknown said...

Great photos of beach ... and I love your blog, I've bookmarked it.

I'm also a fellow "Florida blogger" ... from south Florida, specializing in "water" ... but I periodically post on water ways up your way ... mostly the Apalachicola ... (actually, that's kind of far).

Anyhow, I posted a short video clip on a ghost crab ... its under my "water reel" label.

Actually, I should put your blog on my blog list ...