Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life's a Vette on the Beach!

The Miracle Strip Corvette Club of Pensacola held their 'Life's a Vette at the Beach' show today.

'Vette owners from far and near brought their beauties.

A table of trophies ready to be awarded.

The Casino Beach parking lot must have had close to 75 - 80 corvettes polished and ready for inspection.

Everyone enjoying milling around and admiring the corvettes. The antiques and special editions got special attention. Look what a beautiful day for the show.

Some of the corvettes were for sale...

All were oohed, ahhed and envied.

Everyone had their favorites...

Including me...

Unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable enough to list the year and highlights about these, but you can check out all sorts of model year information on the Corvette Chronicle.

But I recognize friends when I see them!

And I admired their beauties!

It was a great time and folks seemed to thoroughly enjoy having the show at the beach. Several neighboring states were represented according to license plates I saw.


See ya next year!

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