Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier

What a beautiful evening with the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier in the background. Our sand is snow white and the Gulf of Mexico is emerald green and turquoise. The only thing missing is this photo is ... YOU!


joyous said...

Moving in 6 weeks! Can't wait to take a picture there :0)

Anonymous said...

This photo truly doses make me miss PENSACOLA BEACH. I CONCRUE only thing missing is this photo is ... YOU!S T E B

Anonymous said...

Glad you miss us DJ, but we have to wait for the cool weather to come back. Some Northerners just prefer January through March on the wonderful Pensacola Beach. However, we do miss you et al. Thanks so much for the pictures!
Dale and Bonnie

Anonymous said...

You're so right! I have to get over there!
Thank you for the pics!