Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bands on the Beach

We're getting great turn-outs for Bands on the Beach.

Last night Wildwood was the featured band. If you click on their name you can go to their website and check the calendar to find out where they will be playing locally. You can frequently catch them at either Paradise Bar & Grill or The Dock.

Oh the joy of chasing bubbles! Don't you love the look on his face.

And, oh the joy of sitting next to your special someone at a concert on the beach.

Wildwood is one of my favorite bands and they are locals. Even if you don't get out to Bands on the Beach often, you should try to make sure you catch these guys. They will return on September 30, so mark your calendar.

Love is in the air.

Aren't these the most beautiful big blue eyes you've ever seen! From the sand on her toes, you can tell that little Ava has been on the beach with daddy (who has plenty of that white Pensacola Beach sand on his feet too!).

In style!

See ya next week at Bands on the Beach!


Anonymous said...

I saw a lovely lady in a straw hat and a dark blue top snapping photos at Bands on the Beach last night. Was that you? I didn't want to intrude on your evening, but wanted you to know what a fan I am of your photography. Love your blogspot and check it every day! Thanks for the great shots of Pcola Beach.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey CT,

Yup, that would have been me! You'll catch me out and about frequently with a sunhat on during the summer months.

Shame on you for not coming over to say hello! I would have loved to meet you. You've sent me such nice comments from time to time.

Didn't you love Wildwood last night?

Be sure to come over and say hello next time!