Thursday, May 29, 2008

My photography

I appreciate the kind and complimentary e-mails I've received lately regarding my photography and inquiring about my availability for family portraits on the beach.

As much as I would love to accommodate your requests, I am not a portrait photographer and don't want to make false claims about my ability. In fact, I'm not long out of the gate as any type of photographer, but nature and wildlife is where the magic is for me.

When my husband and I moved here as full-time residents in 2005, I only had a three-year old Olympus Camedia, a 3 mega-pixel point-and-shoot camera, which gobbled up AA batteries. Still, one of favorite shots was taken with that little camera after Hurricane Ivan.

Overwhelmed with the beauty of the island, I started taking photos every day and posting them to my blog, enthusiastic and happy to share my new life on Pensacola Beach. It took about six months before I convinced my husband I needed a new camera with more capability. When I opened my Christmas present that year and saw the Canon Rebel XT he'd bought me, it was love at first sight...sorta like with Pensacola Beach.

I've had discussions with one of the local beach retailers who is favorable about carrying my island photos, so I am hopeful they will be available in his store this year. And, as always, if you see yourself or a member of your family in one of the candid shots I take during Bands on the Beach or Evenings in Old Seville Square, let me know and I'll be glad to e-mail a copy of it to you free of charge. It will be my gift to you, from one island-lover to another.


Anonymous said...

Well, keep up the great work! I do love all the pictures of the island we both live on :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you enter any of your photographs in the contest held at the local Wal-Mart stores this month?

I saw one at the Creighton Rd store that looked like your work.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thank you very much. I love taking photos of the beach. The water color and the clouds make each day new.

No, I wasn't entered in the WalMart photography contest. I rarely get to WalMart actually, but when I do it is the one in Gulf Breeze. Wish I had seen the photographs they displayed. Darn!