Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pensacola Greek Festival

One of the annual events I look forward to each fall is the Pensacola Greek Festival which is sponsored by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on West Garden Street. It features live music, dance performances by youth groups in traditional costumes, and delicious Greek dishes such as Spanakopita and Moussaka. You may check out their menu by clicking HERE

Everyone loves to dance to the live bouzouki music.

Including the children who are allowed free reign of the dance floor before performances begin.

Two young men of the Hara group await their turn to perform. Hara means Joy in Greek.

The Hara group in colorful Greek costumes.

Fr. Panagioti of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox church takes time to enjoy the music also.

A member of the Glenzethes dancers twirls his handkerchief during a folk dance.

As a lovely young dancer works her way around the floor you can see more detail of her costume.

The beautiful blue velvet jacket and skirt of this costume from the Cyclades Islands is trimmed in gold, with a wide sash and headscarf.

The young men of the Glenzethes dance the Mihanikos. You may read more of the fascinating stories behind Greek folk dances by clicking HERE.

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