Monday, November 03, 2008

Another view from the Hilton

I just can't help myself! On beautiful sunny days like this one, it's simply too tempting not to give in and see if I can talk my way up to the top of the Hilton to take some photos.

If you click on this photo looking east toward Navarre Beach, you can see some of the scalloped edges of the beach where quite a bit of erosion has taken place. Still, it's a fabulous view and my photos don't do it justice.

Looking northeast over the Soundside Holiday Beach Resort, Santa Rosa Sound is as smooth as glass

The top floor of the Hilton tower provides incredible views across the island and north toward Gulf Breeze and Pensacola.

The core area isn't too busy during the week in off-season, which makes this a perfect time to come for a visit. Wait until I show you all the fun things we have planned in December!

A couple of rooms were empty, so I was allowed to pass through and take some photos of the west balcony-view today. Obviously I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to show you some interiors shots of the hotel. Don't you just love this tangerine room?

The "kids' room" was very spacious and all the rooms had a great view.

And the master suite is great!

With plenty of room to spread out if you need to do some paperwork.

Hey wait! That's me swiveling around!

Ahhhhh...look at the color of that water from the west balcony.

What a way to start and end your day, overlooking the island.

When the wind is out of the north, the surf is flattened and we see what we jokingly call the "Lake of Mexico."

I always feel better after enjoying the view from the top of the Hilton. Maybe someday I'll treat myself to a weekend stay. I know, I know...I live on the island, but it's so much fun to look down on the playful dolphin and schools of fish, boats on the horizon, fishermen on the pier, and those unforgettable sunsets. is good.

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