Saturday, November 22, 2008

Farewell to our friend

It is sad to see our friend, Kirsten Dahlen, the 'Traveling Turtle Girl' leave the island. Her contract expired today and she will be leaving for Delaware to spend the holidays with her family.

I keep hoping something will happen to bring Kirsten back to Pensacola Beach. She has been generous with her extensive knowledge of sea turtles and shore birds, and worked tirelessly to educate us about marine life and conservation issues.

We'll miss you, Kirsten! Thank you for everything you've taught us!

Those who would like to send a farewell note to Kirsten may contact her through her blog by clicking HERE


PJ said...

Goodbye, Kristen, I've ejoyed watching your dedicated work with all those crazy turts. I, for one, hope you come back to us.

PJ said...

Sorry Kirsten, I knew Kristen was wrong.

KMel said...

You have a heart of pure gold! Hurry back to the Shelled oneZ! Love ya Turtle sis!

Turtle Girl said...

No worries about the name, PJ -- I'm rather accustomed to it!

I don't know if I'll be back or not, but there will be someone here to look after the turtles. I'm thinking about heading back to graduate school, if I can get into a good sea turtle lab!

Enjoy the holidays! I'll miss Christmas on the beach!