Sunday, November 02, 2008


Erosion on the island after the storms this year, note the 12"+ drop from the walkover to the beach at Park East. Before storms came through in late August and September, the sand was level with the end of the walkover. In this area we've probably lost 50' (water to dunes) of beach in this area which you can see if you go back and check my blog photos from late May.

Also note the placement of the metal handrail which protrudes like backward 'C' at the half of the rails...

Now note the placement of that same rail at a walkover across from Seashore Village. It's more than halfway submerged in sand. This means that between Hurricanes Faye, Gustav and Ike, approximately 3 feet of sand have been re-distributed to this area. Guess we know where some of it came from - Park East.

The SRIA removes all the trash receptacles from the beach before a storm and replace them afterward. Now this handrail was just about even with the bottom of the trash bin when it was replaced after Ike!

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Unknown said...

That's a big change. Great photo points.