Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas ornaments

Tsk, you thought I've been so lazy in posting lately because it has been so chilly. Actually I've been caught up in a couple of things: wrapping palm trees in Christmas lights and helping out the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce by making ornaments for our Christmas tree this year.

I started with starfish which are available at Island Style, located next to Flounders Chowder House.

The first step is to place them outside on several layers of newspaper...

And spray them with a metallic silver spray paint which is available at Ace Hardware or Hobby Lobby. After the starfish have dried, turn them over and paint the back of the starfish.

Once the starfish have dried, add a topcoat of spray Shimmering Silver glitter.

Decorative cord or ribbon, cut into 8" sections, can be formed into a loop and the ends hot-glued behind a tip of the starfish.

I decided to put a small turquoise rhinestone in the middle of each ornament because the color reminded me of our beautiful Gulf water.

One hundred glittering silver starfish are finally ready to be assembled.

And here is the final result. Unfortunately, try as I might, the photos didn't pick up the sparkling topcoat on the ornaments. But I think they will look lovely on our Christmas tree when sunlight reflects off of them. during the day.

Be sure to stop by the Visitor's Information Center for the tree-lighting ceremony next Saturday, November 29, at 6:00 p.m. to help us kick off our event-filled Christmas season on Pensacola Beach.


Jen and Eric said...

Wow - that's lovely! By the way, are the rich pinks and oranges the starfish's natural colors?! Quite striking!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hi Jen,

No the bright sidewalk-chalk type colors of the starfish when I started were from being dyed. These starfish would be sort of a biscuit white in their natural state.

There is a Blue Finger Starfish, but I read that it loses some of its color and has to be dyed also.

Have a great day! See ya soon. I look forward to meeting Eric.