Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walk to Range Point

When I reached Range Point this morning, I found an umbrella set up by a young family with two little girls. Though sea grass has washed up along the shore here, there are clear, sandy areas where children can wade and the water is generally calm.

The little girls squealed at tiny fish swimming past their ankles and were mesmerized by hermit crabs which were making their way along the tide line.

I turn back for home, which takes me past Portofino. The tide is coming in and by early afternoon this small width of sound-side beach will almost completely disappear 'til the tide recedes.


Anonymous said...

sure wish i could accompany you on that walk..
i awoke to snow..again..
blowing sideways..
everything was covered in white..
try as i may, i cannot convince me that white stuff resembles my beloved beach..
now late afternoon..
snow has finally stopped..
warmer wind has blown away a great deal of the snow..
can finally see bits of grass again..
i am so ready for spring!!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of flowers are these? Are they bulbs or somethinge else. Really pretty. Do they smell nice?


Barrier Island Girl said...

Patty, I'm sorry to be so long in replying. I wanted to make sure I had the name correct.

These are African Iris: Dietes bicolor.

There is another African Iris: Moraea grandiflora (and sometimes Dietes grandiflora), which we grow out here and they are also very beautiful.

Like other iris, they are rhizomatous. The grandiflora have corms. Neither seem to have a fragrance that I can detect.

Here are a couple of links: