Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Surveying the coast

It looks as though the coastline of Santa Rosa Island is being surveyed again.

I noticed the St. John Survey boat this morning. I'm not very familiar with boats, but this one must have a flat bottom to get so close to shore.

I've seen the survey team at it before, so I knew how close he'd come before turning around -- on a dime, I might add.

I wonder if they are accustomed to the astonished expressions of people on shore. It's very strange to watch the boat come in so close.

Off he goes again, back out in the Gulf for a quarter mile or more, it seems. Then he turns and heads back again.

Aha! I think I discovered his beacon!

NOTE: Brian Link with NOAA - Navigation Services Division was kind enough to provide a link to their website which explains how and why a "hydrographic" survey is conducted. The boat in my photographs above is not one of theirs, but they do have one in the Pensacola area right now.

NOAA - Hydrographic Surveys

Sadly, it seems I did not discover a 'beacon'. Brian though I simply stumbled across an old antenna stuck in the sand.


Anonymous said...

Did they come back and retrieve the transponder later, or is it left for a permanent point of reference. I find this kind of stuff most interesting. It makes me wonder how it is done. S T E B

Anonymous said...

I think the sand crab is trying to get better reception in his hole:)

Barrier Island Girl said...

HA! Now THAT is hilarious! I can just visualize it.

Thanks for the great laugh!