Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meyer Lemon Tree

It's exciting to see blooms on my Meyer Lemon Tree! When they open, the fragrance will be divine.

If you notice in the photo above, the edge of one leaf has been burned by salt. It looks yellow, brown and ragged. While our climate on Pensacola Beach is fine for this type of lemon tree, they have low salt tolerance and must be planted where they will have the least exposure to winds coming off the Gulf of Mexico--or in a container which can be moved. Otherwise, they may not thrive.

Last year I lost every single one of my lemons and at least half the leaves off my tree due to a couple periods of high winds out of the southeast. Hopefully this year I'll have have at least a few.

"...Even the poor know that richness, the fragrance of the lemon trees..."

Eugenio Montale, from The Lemon Trees (translation by Lee Gerlach)

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