Sunday, January 20, 2008

Room with a view!

You know I couldn't visit a friend's condo at Portofino without taking my camera! This is a view from the 19th floor of Tower I this morning.

The north winds have died down slightly, but their effect on the surf after a couple of days is seen on the Gulf of Mexico. The waves have flattened and once again you can see the ribbons of color along the coast.

I love having a house on the island, but I do miss the view from our Portofino condo.


Anonymous said...

Excellent view! Love the white sandy beaches there in FL

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful portrayal of the beach and Portofino. I work night security there, and I don't normally get to see the beach during the day. I do catch some amazing sunrises though! I found your photos on, and I love them. Keep it up!