Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kritter Krawl 2008

Despite cold weather and drizzle, the Kritter Krawl 2008 finally took place. See what you missed if you stayed at home!

I know they didn't say Quarter Krawl! I'm a second generation Kritter Krawler, y'all !

Okay, okay, I'll walk the line!

You're really nosy.

Sugar Baby found a friend.

Tiny top dawg'shund.

Oooohhh, where has that mouth been, mama?

There's a tiny little dog under all that hair.

Dad left the beads at home, but I've got attitude to pull this off!

A horse is a horse, of course...

But this one is a dilly of a filly at the Kritter Krawl.

It's lonely at the top.

The 'Max' factor.

I just luv my tutu, but the beads are beneath me. Really, my beads are beneath me, mom.

I better win something, cause I'm freezing my feathers off.

Darn it, Buster, that horse is wearing the same hat we are!

When David saw Goliath!

I trade you my Jimmy Chew's for your Dawga Karan.

Kibble! I smell Kibble. Gimme Kibble!

Gorgeous little Quigley.

Hey kid, I like your beads.

Mommy, don't let it eat me!

I just want to go home and watch Animal Planet.

I better see you all here next year at the Kritter Krawl!

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