Tuesday, September 11, 2007


One beach cruiser bike from WalMart - $85.00
One willow basket from BikeWorldUSA - $15.99
One garland of dune sunflowers from Hobby Lobby - $6.99 (plus, 1/2 off)
One bicycle bell from WalMart - $3.99

My view of paradise - priceless!


Pensacola Beach No High Rises !! said...

Cool bike, I have a beach bike but no beach :(


Anonymous said...

Awesome! That bike and basket are so cute!

Joanna B said...

I look forward to your posts and photos everyday. You take beautiful photographs and alwasy seem to find the perfect thing to say to go with them.

I want to live by the seashore some day so until I do I am living vicariously through you and your blog.

Thank you.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Seadog, aren't you sort of an honorary islander? ;-) What? No beach? I'm just surprised that you haven't hauled enough of our sugar-white sand home with you to create a mini-beach in your back yard.

Annie, you are my polar opposite (pun intended) and I love your website & blog (www.anniepatterson.com for those who don't know), and your drawings and seeing how different your life is in Alaska. I still can't get over that cotton grass you have!

Joanna, never give up hope. Just keep wishing and clicking your ruby red slippers together. I lived the same way as you for a few years. I scanned the Internet for webcams and websites of the beach. Oh how upset I became when the webcams went down. HA! I couldn't start the day without seeing if the sun was shining or if it was overcast. Anything to see the sun sparking on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.

Let me know when you get here!

Thanks for all the comments

Anonymous said...

Thanks on the honorary islander thing, I honestly know more people from pb than here in Indiana !!
Hopefully people can find all the cams at pensacolabeachcams.com
I should have enough sand by now. Every time I open a camping chair more white sands falls out !! Maybe I should start a site where people can post pics of their beach bikes
Seadog (islander want a bee)