Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pensacola Seafood Festival - 2007

Scattered showers lingered over Pensacola the whole weekend. It wasn't enough to dampen spirits (or attendance) at the Pensacola Seafood Festival which was held in beautiful, historic Seville Square.

Carmela Campbell does a wonderful job coordinating cooking demonstrations at the Seafood Festival. Some of the best chefs in Pensacola share their secrets and recipes. Carmela also compiles a cookbook each year of the wonderful recipes offered by participating restaurants. This year's line-up included: Seville Quarter, Versailles, Fish House, Jackson’s, H2O, The Oar House, Triggers, and Eat!

"Step back, m'am. This is serious business and this here kabob stick doubles as a dangerous weapon"

Fried pickles???

Beautiful art in various mediums.

A sun for everyone.

Hammerhead Marine Sculptures -- very impressive.

Look at all the birds heading south...and north...and west...and east!

The tin man. Or he is copper?

It's Ace! [Someone mentioned dogs might not be allowed in for this event in the Square. Whereupon Ace promised if he saw any dogs he would immediately tell them to leave.] "Ace, Ace, baby..."

Yikes, a shrink-wrapped baby! Actually this baby girl looked like a Zen master! Though her cupholder was full of rainwater and droplets covered her face, she sat peacefully and enjoyed the whole experience, not ruffled in the least.

Ahhhh....look at the cute Kiddy Kats.

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Lyrically speaking said...

Love the artwork, so inspiring :)