Thursday, September 06, 2007

Legend of the Golden Peli-treiver

Listen children, far and near, a story shall be told,
About a dog who once lived here not very long ago.

She roamed this very island, dashing up and down the shore,
Bringing home the special treasures from odd places she’d explore.

Then one sad day her eyes grew dim and as she passed away,
Her master held her close in love and prayed for her to stay.

She could not stop her spirit as it slipped the bonds of earth,
But love reached out to pull her back and heaven knew its worth.

Seabirds caught her spirit, as turquoise fish leaped from the waves,
Now her heart and coat so golden would be a legend for all days.

“You may stay upon this island, though your shape we will transform,
You must watch o’er them forever, but I shall give you wings to soar.”

And so this story ends, my friend, though some day you may see her.
Remember, then, the legend of a Golden Peli-treiver.

~~ Barrier Island Girl

Dedicated to Dee and Kurt Krueger, and a dog named Sadie.

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Anonymous said...

BIG, that was great! I've seen the Peli-Triever on the island and I'm happy to know it's standing in honor of a little loved one.