Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bands on the Beach, September 4

Look who's at Bands on the Beach tonight - T. Bubba Bechtol and his lovely wife, Tarsha. Starting next week, Bubba and Tarsha can come directly into your home every morning on Bubba - Up in the Morning! He's taking the 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. slot for AM 1620, WNRP. Heaven help us, can we handle that much laughter in the morning? Luckily, Tarsha will be at the control panel.

Six-week old Delaney and her mom, Laurie, came from Mobile, Alabama to watch Mass Kunfuzion perform.

Robert and Patti always get the dance floor warmed up for everyone.

Joy McDuffy enjoyed an evening on the beach with her mom, Paula.

Stormy Redmond gave me her best runway pose. She and her family recently moved to the area and I think Stormy's verdict is still out at this point. Wait 'til she gets her toes in that sugar-white sand.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics B.I.G. and thanks for the plug!! Wish us luck, I am really nervous!!