Monday, September 24, 2007

The Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast looks beautiful this morning now that the outer bands of the storm have spun out and away like a giant pinwheel.

A B.I.G. shout-out to Kathy and Margie who recognized me on the beach this morning. (Maybe there just aren't that many women with sunhats and cameras who hike the beach each day!) Kathy is a faithful blog visitor who generates traffic my way. She also wrote me a very kind note after my father's death earlier this year.

Thank you, Kathy!


Anonymous said...

once again..
a great big THANK YOU!!!
after 15 minutes of pea sized hail, on this dreary cold day, with overnite temps forecast to be in the 30's..
i truly needed my daily beach fix..
this shot is sooooo soothing and warm!!!
i can just picture myself right there..
soaking up rays as the murmur of the surf lulls my cares away...
thank you for taking me home again, and again..
even if only in my memories..

Anonymous said...


Your pictures make my day!!!!
I was just on Pensacola Beach last weekend we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary on Pensacola Beach. We had 2 beautiful White Swans swim up to us on the sound!!! What a beautiful site!!!! Thanks for taking me home everyday you make my day!!!! Brenda