Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adopt a walkover!

What's a girl to do on a stormy day when she can't get out on the beach to take photographs or ride her new beach bike? Develop a campaign to prevent littering on our beach? It's probably not what you would expect from me and I admit I'm not very creative when it comes to marketing. If, however, I had such talent I would certainly throw it behind an anti-littering program for Pensacola Beach.

1. Adopting a walkover closest to your neighborhood might be a place to start. Promise yourself that even one or two days a week you'll pick up trash around 'your' walkover. It could make a difference. And, your example has more influence than you might think.

2. How about a "Hold your butt on the beach" campaign? Okay, that could be taking things a bit too far, but cigarette butts are at the top of the list of trash items found on the beach. Smokers who think they are helping by burying their cigarette butts do not stop to think how quickly these small items are undercovered on wind-swept beaches. They may either end up in the stomach of sea birds, sea mammals or fish.

I am 'preaching to the choir' by posting this on my blog, so instead of developing a campaign on a stormy day, I will simply thank all of you who take time to help keep Pensacola Beach - or your own neighborhoods - clean. As I said above, you may not realize just how much influence your actions have on those around you.


Carl H. Sr. said...

I've always taught my children to take more trash from the beach than what they brought with them.
I'm sure they will teach their children the same!
I have seen both tourists and locals notice us cleaning up after a group leaves an inconsiderate mess. I like to think it would make them too ashamed to leave a mess also.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Exactly, Carl h..

I'd rather watch someone's actions than hear their sermon. Well, guess I was sermonizing a bit in my last post. :-) I love our beautiful island and hope it stays beautiful with the help of people like you and your family.

Thank you!