Saturday, August 11, 2007

Story of the little island squab

(For Mariah and Derek)

Once upon a time there was a little Mourning Dove known as "Squab", who had the terrible misfortune of falling out of his nest. Luckily, Squab lived right here on the island, so he landed safely on a mound of sugar white sand below.

Papa and Mama Dove came swooping down to guard little Squab. Mama Dove put a wing over him and sat close.

"I got my eye on you," Papa Dove seemed to say as he watched me carefully trying to manuever closer for a photo without upsetting them.

Unfortunately, my last step sent Mama and Papa Dove flying to the other side of the palm tree, where they anxiously kept me in sight.

"Mama? Papa? Where'd everybody go?" Squab chirped out loud as his tiny head swiveled back and forth.

"I think I'll just hop over here so no one can see me," Squab thought to himself as he headed for the closest bed of pine straw.

"Can you see me now?" he chirped.

"Good boy," said Papa Dove, as he and Mama edged back around to their little Squab, "I knew you were a good egg."

"He's so smart," proclaimed Mama Dove as the little family reunited. "Coooo, coo, cooo," Papa said.


Anonymous said...

This is so cute,mom

AC said...

Very cute :)