Monday, August 13, 2007

Waterspout on Pensacola Beach

Photo contributed by Dr. Mark DeNunzio

I would love to capture images of a waterspout in the Gulf of Mexico, but I'm never in the right place at the right time. Yesterday was the third occasion I missed this season.

I was already envious of Pensacola News Journal forum members who discussed seeing it, but then this morning during a root canal my endodontist told me that he had gotten photographs of it yesterday.

"Uh gaa a sha hah aht?!" [You got a shot of it?!] I repeated through the rubber dam over my mouth. "Well, that's just depressing," I thought to myself, "Even my endodontist got photos."

"Yes. If you leave your e-mail address , I'll forward them to you after I download them from my camera."

"Anks," I said (with envy).

After the root canal, I decided to drop by Hobby Lobby before the Novocaine wore off to pick up matboard (which, by the way, is 50% off this week), and ran into a former neighbor from Portofino.

"Di zhou ged to shee da wa-wa phau?" ["Did you get to see the waterspout?"] I asked. "Oh yeah," he replied, "I got some really great shots of it. I'll e-mail them to you."

I headed for the comfort of home and Motrin, aching and pouting.

"Hi, sweetheart," my husband said as I walked in the door. "How's your tooth?"

"It huts," I groaned.

"Well go upstairs and check out the video of that waterspout on The Weather Channel. That will make you feel better," he said, just before I threw the bottle of Motrin at him.

I'm beginning to feel a little better now, so I'll fix him something nice -- and soft -- for dinner to make up for my churlish behavior.

In the meantime, click on the link and join me while I watch the waterspout video . {{{sigh}}} There must be a couple of us left who haven't seen it.


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