Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stormy weather

Now that nests are hatching, I seem to be on the beach every night either screening or nest-sitting.  Last night I had three to check on at Ft. Pickens and thought I had plenty of time to complete my rounds after watching the weather and double-checking the radar. 

This system, however, was not the normal variety and swept across the island with a vengeance.  I pushed the pedal to the metal on my old UTV as I hightailed it from just east of the Point, trying to get back to the Ranger Station at Ft. Pickens as the lightning came closer and closer.  The sky would have made any Hollywood producer very proud!

I made it to my own vehicle and headed out of the Park as the front descended, stopping long enough to get this photo.  The sky turned black as midnight as clouds descended like a giant alien spaceship.  

I'll take a little less drama in the future, thank you very much!

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