Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Mystic Krewe of Nereids held their annual Splash! party at Paradise this past weekend.

Splash! is a fundraiser for the Mystic Krewe of Nereids and part of the proceeds from this event go for breast cancer awareness, a cause which is very important to this all-female krewe.
We love our Mer-Ducks! You did notice these were not your average ducks, right?
Surely you're familiar with the Flip-Flop fling.

The dunking booth is a big favorite at Splash!
Choose your water-weapon! 
Ladies checked out the sunhats and pins available at the Krewe of Nereids tent.

That's right, Sissy.  Take 'em down!  Show no mercy!
Some fabulous bathing beauties in their vintage swimwear.
Morrie Drees raking in the money for the Nereids at dunking booth!
Lovely little Alana is stylin' again this year even when she's learning to fish.  She's a mermaid-in-training.
Melanie Waite, Carleen Wheeler, and Bobbie Cunningham found a temporary dry spot to hide out.  Never expect to stay dry at a Splash! party.
The Terminator!
The Nereids have lots of games available for the kids at Splash! and make sure they have a great time too.

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Loui♥ said...

looks as tho all had a wonderful time..not a single frown to be seen!!
thanks for sharing!!